AltaMEGLO was bred to be a global commercial star and has certainly not disappointed. Bred by RockyMountain Holsteins, this Supersire son traces back to one of the pioneering Health and Fertility herds of the breed, ROSYLANE. With a maternal sire stack that includes Freddie x Planet x RAMOS, AltaMEGLO was destined to add health; and add health he does.

In the latest TPI rankings AltaMEGLO firmly lands in the Top 100 daughter proven bulls of the breed with a TPI of 2580.

When we compare bulls in the Top 100 and rank them on DPR, AltaMEGLO comes out at the #5 position with a DPR of 3.8. When you drill down further and look at the bulls at over 3 for DPR, AltaMEGLO becomes an even more exciting proposition.

Of the daughter proven bulls that are over 3 for DPR in the top 100, AltaMEGLO is a standout.


#2 Milk bull at 1952lbs

#2 Protein bull at 62lbs

#1 Reliability sire at 99% Reliability

# 1 Feed Efficiency sire at 184

#1 SGL (short gestation length) sire at -4.1

Add to this a SCE rating of 4.8% with nearly 10,000 observations and 4.6% DSB with over 1000 observations.

But wait, there’s more!

AltaMEGLO is an A2A2 sire and is a 4* Concept Plus semen fertility sire when used in cows – this is based on more than 36,000 observations; AltaMEGLO is also considered above average when used sexed in heifers with nearly 30,000 observations!

AltaMEGLO also sires smaller stature with a positive Strength to Stature ratio, open ribs and a no negatives udder profile.

For more information on how AltaMEGLO can help inject high production and breed leading female fertility for you herd whilst reducing size, contact your local Alta Genetics Consultant.