Alta 4-EVENT COW logo featuring the events Bred and PregAlta Australia has again delivered world class genetics for Australian Farmers.

With 23 bulls in the Top 1% of the index, Alta has the right bull available for all Australian dairy farmers.

AltaGLOW (A2A2) is No.3 BPI at 415 and is just a sample of what the world’s leading breeding program delivers. The Peak breeding program based in North America delivers world leading advancement in dairy genetics.

AltaGLOW is an outstanding and rare example of production and health with a Combined Fat and Protein increase of 81 kg and health traits of 114 Fertility, 162 SCC and 112 Survival, plus the added peace of mind 104 calving ease, AltaGLOW is the perfect option for heifer joinings.

With a different pedigree for Australia farmers being a Fascinator X AltaTOPSHOT, he displays the continuing improvement of Alta’s breeding program, and is available both conventionally and sexed (511).

New release sire AltaMEDERA,  BPI 380 on the Australian index,  provides outcross,  (Bandares X Delta) with an outstanding ASI of 201 combined with superior health 109, daughter fertility 165, SCC and 111 Survival and with improved feed efficiency, all makes AltaMEDERA a bull for Australian breeders serious about improving their profitability.

AltaMOLINA, with a BPI of 361 is Alta’s no.1 rated genomic fertility bull at 116. Another bull with a different pedigree being an AltaNIXER X Main Event, AltaMOLINA offers farmers diversification in their breeding programs. Other popular sires include AltaPIXAR 335 BPI with a nice balanced proof, AltaSTAFFORD 323 BPI and an outstanding udder profile, AltaZONE 318 BPI with his high farmer likeability and jet-black calves, AltaPINETTA 313 BPI has very high fat production and components.   

Daughter proven sire, AltaTOPSHOT has again been a standout both in Australia and overseas. Transmitting superior production High milk and combined F + P of 63 kgs and 109 for daughter fertility, with outstanding calving ease of 103.

AltaTOPSHOT is one of only two bulls to be ranked in the Top 20 both in Australia and in the US, demonstrating his ability to produce breed leading, moderate statured efficient cows all around the world, and he is an A2A2 sire.

AltaMIGHTY – P (Powerball X Supersire) has an outstanding proven BPI of 315, with high production ASI of 187 and Combined Fat and Protein advantage of 65 kgs. Outstanding daughter survival of 112 and perfect for use over heifers with a calving rating of 103 and the added bonus of polled plus being high fertility Concept Plus sire, AltaMIGHTY – P is a must use in progressive programs looking for polled genetics.

AltaHOTROD (Jerod X AltaIOTA) also added more Australian milking daughters and improved his BPI rating to 301. AltaHOTROD is an interesting sire, not only does he have outstanding protein improvement in his progeny (38kg) but this is combined with Type scores of 113 and Mammary 110. On top of this, AltaHOTROD is an improver for Daughter Fertility 104 and SCS 131. AltaHOTROD is A2A2 and a Concept plus sire.

For more information on any of our sire line up, go to and download the latest ABV catalogue or contact Tony Simpson on  and ask how we can help you incorporate the right bulls to drive profit into your genetic plan.