August 2019 ABV release once again confirms Alta’s ability to provide high profitable animals for any management type.

AltaRABO | 011HO11379 | Mogul x Observer

In this latest release, AltaRABO confirms his place as an elite transmitter under Australian conditions. Now with more than 400 milk daughters for Production, AltaRABO places 4th for Australian proven bulls. AltaRABO ranks as the highest survival bull in the GBG Australian proven list. Excelling for Production, Type, Health and workability traits, AltaRABO is an easy to use bull. In fact when you look at the Australian proven list, AltaRABO is the #2 TWI bull and #3 HWI bull – clearly proving his “all rounder” status. Jet black daughters with reliable calving ease and A2A2 all add to his appeal.

AltaROBLE | 011HO11380 | Mogul x Observer x Shottle

AltaROBLE continues to add daughters and maintain his impressive Australian rating. Now boasting 150 milking daughters and 62 Type daughters, AltaROBLE falls short by 2 herds for workability to be included in the Australian proven list. With a BPI of 295, AltaROBLE would have been a clear #4 on BPI and the highest Mammary bull in the list at 113. Excelling for production, SCS, workability and of course Daughter Fertility; it is no wonder AltaROBLE is the #1 Survival bull in the breed and one of our most popular sires. We expect more daughters to be added through the Spring to provide the required herd numbers to be fully reliable on ABV in December. Watch this space.

Head down Crackhom AltaRabo from Crackholm holsteins
Dasha AltaRABO daughter
Crackholm AltaROBLE Buckle from Crackholm Holsteins; Richmond, QC
Crackholm AltaROBLE Buckle | Crackholm Holsteins; Richmond, QC

“Alta sires continue to deliver” 

Glen D Haven AltaHOTROD-ET| 011HO11493 |Jerod X AltaIOTA X Goldwyn

AltaHOTROD also added more daughters and now has 78 Australian milking daughters. AltaHOTROD is an interesting sire, not only does he have a high BPI of 284 (equal to AltaRABO), AltaHOTROD is the #1 Milk and Type bull in the top 100. On top of this, AltaHOTROD is also an improver for Daughter Fertility 104 and SCS 125. AltaHOTROD does add frame and is ideal for those farmers wanting to add Production, Type and Strength into their herd. AltaHOTROD is A2A2.

Bomaz AltaTOPSHOT-ET | 011HO11779 | Supershot x AltaEMBASSY x Robust

Newly proven international sires have also performed well with an Alta favourite AltaTOPSHOT rocketing up the BPI(i) list. Reflecting his great improvements in the US (now ranking at #4 TPI dtr proven), AltaTOPSHOT made gains of 40 BPI points to 331 in Australia. Providing high yields, great fertility and health traits with moderate size – AltaTOPSHOT is the ideal modern-day sire.

Ansal AltaHOTROD daughter
Ansal AltaHOTROD daughter
AltaTOPSHOT Daughter photo
Bomaz Topshot 277 Bomaz Farms; Hammond, WI

AltaROBSON | 011HO11778| Rubicon x Bob x Shamrock

Another Alta favourite, AltaROBSON also made significant gains in the US with his first daughters – now sitting in their top 10; we expect that trend to continue in Australia when we add Australian daughters. AltaROBSON and AltaTOPSHOT are both A2A2, BB kappa-casein bulls and have many sons available through Alta.

Alta Genomic Sires

On the genomic front Alta continue to deliver. Bulls that continue to maintain their great BPI status are AltaTBAY 348 (Charley x Silver) A2A2, AltaMOLINA 345 (AltaNIXER x Main Event) , AltaAROLDIS 342 (AltaROBSON x Yoder) A2A2 , AltaNIXIE 338 (AltaROBSON x Yoder) A2A2 AltaLEAP 331 (Quantum x AltaSPRING) A2A2 and AltaZONE 322 (Superhero x Silver) A2A2.

A new release for the Australian Advantage program AltaGLOW comes in at 388 BPI. This Fascinator x AltaTOPSHOT son will be made available exclusively to Advantage customers as semen becomes available.

robson Daughter Photo
Bomaz Robson 7804 Bomaz Farms; Hammond, WI