If your goal is healthier, trouble-free cows, look for sires with the Alta HEALTH PLUS designation.

Health Plus:

At Alta, we take an innovative approach to help dairy producers create their own, customized selection indexes. However, for a simple solution to healthier cows, HEALTH PLUS is the answer.

Health and fertility traits receive maximum emphasis in Alta’s HEALTH PLUS index. To aid your quest for longer-living cows, without sacrificing production or functional conformation, we designate Alta HEALTH PLUS sires as the highest ranking bulls we have, based on the following genetic index:

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Production Traits Image

34%      Production traits
16%       Protein
18%       Fat

56%   Health traits
25%   Productive life
14%   Somatic cell score
12%   Daughter pregnancy rate
4%     Daughter stillbirth
1%     Sire stillbirth

10%   Conformation traits
6%     Udder composite
-3%    Body weight composite
1%     Foot & Leg composite